3 tools you need to survive the Summer as a Vegan

3 Tools You Need To Survive The Summer As A Vegan

How to Stay Consistent with Your Health Goals

How To Stay Consistent With Your Health Goals

Consistency.The word we seem to have a love-hate relationship with.​The universal “secret” to success, in not only our pursuit of health but in our quest to be our best, personally and professionally.I know what you’re thinking, Rook it’s not a damn secret, most people know what consistency is and its importance, but they just haven’t figured […]


The Church: Why Black Folks Will Never Be Healthy or Well

It’s been a minute since I wrote, Part I: Why I Left The Church but I figured what better time to continue the discussion.I’m tired. Well honestly I bounce back between​ fatigue and frustration.Then again ​it’s actually passion. In pursuit of myself I’ve discovered a passion for life, for love, for people, for truth.And it fuels me […]


2017: From One Sh*tty Movement to Another

Aaaaaaand just like that, we’re back! Yeah I know it’s been a minute but you know what I’ve learned about life, when it tells you to get somewhere and sit down and shut up, it would behoove you to do so!The time away has been good. Informative and enlightening. But it’s time to get right back […]

Fat & Don't Care: Our Health is Failing Yet We Refuse to Act?

Fat & Don’t Care: Our Health Is Failing Yet We Refuse To Act?

What will it take?I’ve really been pondering over the question, what will it take for us to wake up and take control of our health?What will it really take to stop waiting on experts to be the ruling authority over our lives?How much more do we need to see? How much more cancer, illness and […]

It Took Me 30 Years To Realize I Was Molested #wellness #projectrook

It took 30 years to realize I’d been molested

I really have no rhythm or reason behind this post. I was just led to write it so here we are. More…I can’t begin to explain the power in freedom. No, not what we’ve been taught is freedom but real freedom. Freedom to live life on your own terms, no explanation given. Freedom to simply be.I […]