How To Be Thankful

As simple as it sounds being thankful can be one of the hardest things to remember to be. I know I can be unthankful in my thoughts and in my actions and until I make a conscious effort to dwell in a state of thankfulness it will be impossible to help me better myself.

Life itself is worth being thankful for. Health. Activity of my limbs. Healthy mind. Friends. Family. Finances. Water. Food. Clothing. Peace. Safety. Protection. Wisdom. Just to name a few.

What I find most interesting is that regardless of what may be going on it is impossible to both complain and give thanks in the same thought and breath. Ah yes. It is either one or the other. Not both.

I get it now. Everything is about my perspective. How I choose to view things. How I choose to respond. How I choose forgive. To forget. How I choose to see good in every person or circumstance I may encounter.

Hmm. Just typing that is difficult but I believe it’s true nonetheless.

Life is about growth. Growth is about the planting of seeds. Every word, action, or thought is a seed. And no matter how long it takes I will reap whatever I have sown.

Harvest just doesn’t work any other way.


I desire to help me become my best — physically, mentally, and spiritually, and it is no one else’s responsibility other than my own to help me.

If these things are true, how can I desire and expect more if I do not acknowledge and appreciate that which I already have?

Every moment I sow thankfulness in my atmosphere, I am sure to reap bountifully.



  1. Take the first and last moments of my day to give thanks 
    – I am thankful for life.
    – I choose to live in a constant state of thankfulness.
    – I am thankful for every experience and because of that I get better.
    – I am thankful for everything I have and everything that is to come.
  2. Immediately identify three positives in any difficult situation (person) 
    – I acknowledge the good in everything.
    – I determine my outlook on every encounter I have. 
    – Everything I face is either a blessing or a lesson.
    – I embrace difficulties because they make me better.
  3. Eliminate unthankful people and habits 
    – I separate myself from any person or thing that projects unthankfulness.

    – I consciously meditate on that which I am thankful for. 
     I demonstrate my thankfulness through acts of kindness.
    – I connect with others who emulate a spirit of thankfulness. 

About the Author Rook

It took life turning me upside down before I figured out how to live it right side up. Hopefully I can save you some of the trouble.

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