The Project Known As Rook

I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that, then I realized I am somebody. -Unknown


People said, follow your passion. But how was I supposed to know what my passion was?

People said, find out what your purpose is. Well how do I find it, if I don't know what I'm looking for?

People said, pray and it'll all work out. But what about the times it didn't?

People ​said, just be satisfied with what you have. But what about when my spirit said I was created for more?

People ​said, don't worry about the details, just do it. Ok but what if I don't know where to start?

Sound familiar?


It took me over 30 years to realize I already possessed all the answers to life's most pressing questions, all I needed to do was adjust my lens -- and therein lied the treasure.

The power is within and accessing that power positions you to help not only yourself but others as well.

And that's what this Project is about -- the pursuit of greater. 

It is about how getting serious about your health will open up your mind, body & spirit and empower you like never before.

Why should ProjectRook matter to you?

Only you can answer that, but I can tell you why it matters to me. 

In my bleakest moments in life, the moments when I knew deep down that I had the power to change my life but wasn't quite sure how or where to start, I always connected with the fact that the act of seeking information had the power to change any situation.

Taking the information that I did have and applying what I did know, and doing what I could do has allowed life to shift in a major way. Information about my health (food) enabled me to receive information I needed to enhance my mind, and enhancing my mind enabled me to enhance my spirit.

No, this isn't another platform to tell you "what to do" but an avenue to provide you with information,  information I've experienced as I've wholistically pursued (and is still pursuing) a life of health & wealth.

You didn't need permission but I'm giving it to you anyway:

You have permission to not just make it by and by, but to live life healthy in the most optimal state possible.

You have permission to not just say you believe in your higher self, but to step out and connect with your divine greatness. 

You have permission to not just create a business, but to utilize your divine purpose to solve a problem.

I'm committed to walking in my purpose so that I can stir up the light that causes you to walk in yours.

Here's to divine purpose, divine action and divine change.

About the Author Rook

It took life turning me upside down before I figured out how to live it right side up. Hopefully I can save you some of the trouble.

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