3 Signs You’re Off Track In The New Year

The New Year is always full of excitement.

For most people anyway.

Regardless of what you’ve experienced or gone through in the previous year, there is something motivating and exciting about “new”. You know the feeling you have when you get a new pair of shoes, a new hair do, or a new car.

A New Year gives you the feeling that the possibilities of what is to come far outweigh anything that has already taken place. Ah yes. Refreshing.

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with resolving to do and to be better. In fact, to be more you have to first have a desire.

I believe that before our minds and spirits are contaminated by the trappings of life, tapping into the best of who and what we are is a natural inclination for all of us.

If you have set goals for the new year, great. But YOU know better than anyone that simply setting goals alone is not enough to make this year any different than the year before or any other year for that matter.

So what better time than on the marking of the first week of the year to assess where you are. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re on track,  consider 3 red flags that confirm you are dangerously setting yourself up for failure again in the new year.

1) No Self Development

It is counterproductive to set external goals without first addressing your inner self.

Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you want? What are you unwilling to let go of or stop doing?

Before you attempt anything else, you must get serious about YOU. You must be willing to consider that maybe, just maybe, all of what you think you know and all of what you’ve been taught up until this point are actually your biggest hindrances to stretching beyond your right now.

Confront yourself and be honest about what areas need improvement. Set a standard for yourself, then hold your self accountable.

Setting a goal is one thing. Developing the character needed to accomplish said goal, is another.

2) No Social Media Guidelines

The problem with saying you want something is that you have to…wait for it…DO something.

You said you were going to only be about positivity in the new year. You said I’m done with foolishness and nonsense. You said New Year, New Me. That’s what you said.

If that’s the case your social media timeline should mirror those claims.

You want to lose weight? Follow people who are doing it or have done it. You want to be rich or financially responsible? Then stop following people who are broke and reckless with their money. You want to be happy? Then why follow people who complain all day and only post everything that’s wrong in the world?

You get the point. Where ever it is that you envision for yourself, it is absolutely imperative that everything you expose yourself to everyday aligns with that.

Connect yourself with people who encourage and inspire you to be your best.

3) No Daily Schedule

This one is a biggie.

Do you have your favorite tv program locked in your phone calendar? What about your favorite sports team game schedule? Nail/hair appointments? Night out with the guys/girls?

Sure you do.

So how is it that you have taken the time to plan out your hobbies and leisure activities but not your daily plan for success?

Before you say you don’t have time, we all know that’s a lie.

Every successful person on earth is allotted the same 24 hours.

When you are serious about your goals, you plan for success.

You plan to get up earlier so you can get that workout in. You plan to not watch television and read for an hour. You plan to dedicate time to building the business you’ve been dreaming about, you know the one you put on your New Year’s resolution list…several years now.

Time is going to pass regardless, but how you choose to use it is up to you.

The GOOD News

If you’ve stayed with me this far, the good news is you acknowledge you may be veering off track and need to tighten up.

One of my favorite life quotes is

“The key to life is quickly discerning when you’re off track and getting back on.” -Dr. Mike Murdock

Never give power to your “can’ts” and make excuses for why you aren’t where you desire to be.

You possess everything you need to accomplish your goals.

Here’s to the second week of the year: Assess where you are, develop new habits and do what you said you would do. Rinse and repeat.

Will you resolve to make this year different from last or nah?

About the Author Rook

It took life turning me upside down before I figured out how to live it right side up. Hopefully I can save you some of the trouble.

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