Breakfast: Why You Should Stop Eating It

Let me just make a disclaimer here. If you only believe what you’re told, only accept conventional “science” and mainstream media ideas and philosophies, or simply whatever your doctor says then this site will probably not be of much use to you.

Now back to the title…Why you should stop eating breakfast? I already hear what most are thinking. What? Lie…Naw…blasphemy…cuz breakfast is the most important meal of the day…Well to that I say…SAYS WHO???

Stay with me for a moment. Just look around. Look at the health and lifestyles of most people. Just look. Most that I know are following the advice of health professionals (whatever that means) and/or their doctors. They are chugging down dairy for their bones, wheat for their fiber, meat for their protein, three meals a day, snacks in between but most importantly a big ol’ breakfast full of all of the above.

And what are the results? Sick, fat, angry, depressed, diseased??? I know that some will ignore everything I’m saying or what I’m about to suggest because it will be considered too crazy to be true but listen people, I’m simply asking you to use your brain. THINK, damn it, THINK!

My new favorite quote is…

“Whatever is not simple, easily understood, is false & therefore not the truth!”

Health is not complicated or confusing, we have just made it so. We have given our power away to the point that we have lost touch with our bodies and are dependent on someone else to lead and guide us to the promise land of wellness. But unfortunately it never does.


I’m here to tell you if you really want to get to the bottom of any topic/issue you will have to go deeper than the surface bs that you are being fed. So before we can consider the idea of skipping breakfast we must first understand what food is and why we need it.

First of all we are eating entirely too much food. Too much.
Too much. TOO MUCH.

I really didn’t begin to grasp this concept until I nearly destroyed my digestive system on my fitness quest to build muscle (this story to come). Yeah the ongoing theory that you need to constantly eat all day every day. Now of course I had done years of damage to my insides already but this feat is what took it overboard.

Ok, let’s define food.

Because the origin of words are important, I will look to my handy dandy etymology dictionary:

food: Middle English foode, fode, from Old English foda “food, nourishment; fuel“…

Fuel. Hmmm… it didn’t say food was for pleasure, for taste or entertainment purposes. Fuel is defined as a source of energy. So food is our source of energy. Let’s think about a car. When do you fuel it? Several times a day? In the morning? After you wash it? No, you fuel your car after it has exhausted its current supply of fuel.

Ahh yes, we’re on to something. Consider your body for a moment.

If you refuel it after it has exhausted its current supply of energy (food) how is it that your eating habits are on a schedule? How much energy have you used while you slept where you need a full meal first thing in the morning? Is your level of activity the same every day? If you sit majority of the day should you be eating the same amount as someone who’s doing manual labor all day?

The point here is that our body has been so intelligently designed that it alerts us to everything we need to know. Until your body has digested and used the energy (food) that you’ve given it, my friends, you do not need any more.

What we’ve attempted to do is tell our bodies that we know more than it does, so we have put ourselves on a schedule and are essentially poisoning ourselves.

Our digestive systems are not getting a break because we are literally eating all day when we have not used the fuel that has already been taken in. Hence the reason we’ve become a walking waste, toxin, and fat dump.

Toxic Hunger

Oh I can hear the grumblings through the screen, but but but, I be hungry. No ma’am and sir you do not.

Majority of the symptoms you believe are “hungry pains” are actually not, it’s the effects of toxic release.

Don’t argue with me on this. Yes I know you would like to believe when you begin to feel weak, get headaches, maybe dizziness, irritability that these are signs you need food but you are highly mistaken.

I know, I know, this is a hard concept to wrap your head around because it goes against everything you’ve been told since birth. Most people haven’t had a real hungry sensation in so long, you no longer recognize what that is.

You must consider what is actually happening in your body. When you think you’re hungry what is actually happening is that digestion has stopped and now the body is attempting to cleanse itself.

Meaning your body releases toxic substances into circulation to be eliminated. The problem is because most of us eat trash and haven’t detoxed lately, or ever, your body is not in a healthy enough state to release these toxins properly.

Can you say, toxic overload!

The reason that you think that hunger pains are real is because you believe you feeling better after you eat has to do with the fact that you’re no longer hungry. NOPE. What you’ve done is stopped the toxic elimination process because your body has to go back to work to digest the new food you’ve taken in.

This is why most people feel like crap when they detox their bodies. Believing that the detox is making them sick, some will stop and go back to normal eating thinking they’ve fixed the problem when they’ve only masked the root of the problem.


It is not a coincidence that you can trace fasting back to the beginning of time and to most religious tenets.

Fasting is your gateway to healing because when digestion stops our bodies begin to cleanse. Click To Tweet

 A study in the Cell Press journal found:

..cycles of prolonged fasting not only protect against immune system damage—but also induce immune system regeneration, shifting stem cells from a dormant state to a state of self-renewal.

The cleaner your body, the easier it is to fast and the longer you able to do it.

It is worth noting that longer fast are not recommended for those in poor health for the reasons mentioned in the previous section.

If your body is overloaded with toxins you can be sure your elimination channels are not functioning properly so the last thing you want to do is have your body attempting to release more toxins that it is able to handle all at once.

Skipping breakfast is a great way to begin intermittent fasting. Give your body and digestive system a break.

Your body will let you know when it is ready for you to replenish its depleted fuel.

Start your morning with liquid, water preferably, or a fruit smoothie that you make from fresh fruit only. For those who workout in the morning (I do and hard), IF your body is clean you should be able to workout without fail on just liquids (or on nothing at all).

Trust me. This is life changing.

The effect on your energy and concentration levels alone, make it worth it. There are many spiritual implications here as well.

Don’t take my word, research this for yourself. As a matter of fact, here’s a fun fact, dinner used to mean breakfast – it was actually the first meal of the day eating around noon time.



  1. Remember you do not dictate when you eat, your body does.
  2. ​Start your morning with liquids (or fresh fruit if you must) only.
  3. If you struggle skipping breakfast, know that your body is toxic and you should begin the process of detoxing and cleansing.


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