Holiday Eating: Vegan Survival Tips

You know the drill. 

Don't nobody wanna hear about why you're not eating "normal" because they think you and what you're doing are dumb. And besides just being crazy for eating the way you do, you are a disgrace to cultural tradition aka just down right bougie now. 


Nevertheless, this is what I know, when you really don't care about what other people think...when you are really secure in who you are and what you're doing the opinions of others no longer matter.

Now let me stop there for a moment and explain what that means because a lot of people say they don't care but their actions say otherwise. 

When you are truly in your lane and no longer care about the opinions of others, you stop becoming emotionally defensive (whether angry, frustrated, or overly loud and aggressive trying to prove your point) when others challenge your lifestyle.


Now with that being said you know how it goes down  on Thanksgiving, so that may be easier said than done. But fret not, I think with a little bit of strategy, you'll survive:)


First of all you gotta chill. You already KNOW how yo' folk do. You already know what's likely to be said. So with that in mind, there's no need to have an "I'm just waiting for a negro to say something to me" attitude before you even get to dinner.

Relax, relate, release!

This may seem silly but I would also highly recommend meditating before you get to your Thanksgiving event. You see, the real truth is that you have the power to set intentions for the day...Law of attraction.  Activate your light, let it shine then watch how it has the power shift an environment's energy positively.

And unfortunately there's always an exception to the rule. So if your family is really off the chain to the point that you are unable to deal at all, simply don't go or exit very early.


Yup, you gotta check yourself. Know that what you are now doing is yo' thang. You know the reasons you've chosen a vegan lifestyle and as much as it may genuinely hurt to see your family, of whom many maybe already ill, eat to their detriment your job is NOT to be holiday food patrol.

Let's keep it real. While most of the time our families can be a pain in the rear end, some of us go waaaaay left with our ideals and beliefs. Simply put, unless someone genuinely asks for your two cents, mind yo' business in regard to what everyone else is eating.

Remember we all have free will to believe and eat whatever we choose. But more importantly remember that you ate the exact same way at some point and didn't like to be harassed when you did.


You have to know what you're planning to eat BEFORE you get where you're going. Don't expect anyone else to accommodate you and your lifestyle.

Now some may decide to bend a little and indulge in a few things like vegetable sides/desserts that may have animal products in it -- but again that's on you. But for those who aren't planning to, you are going to want to prepare your own fixings.

For me I simply prepare a small plate of what I intend to eat. This year I decided to fix myself some spinach, brown rice with a side of real cranberry sauce. I prepared the night before, put it in a container and I'm set.

No spectacle or out of pocket comments need to be made. When it's time go get your items, put it on your plate and eat. Simple.

Laugh along with your folk when they call you out and slyly kick some knowledge when you respond.


Why you eating that bird food?
Response: Because I'm feeling better than I ever have. Eating it gives me energy and I never feel tired or get the 'itis after I'm done. 
So now you too good to eat meat when your grannie sitting here looking good at 95 years old and been eating it all her life?
Response: Well the meat that she's eaten majority of her life wasn't industry raised and is a lot different than the mass, chemically produced meat that's in circulation now. Didn't you see the latest report on the news? (because you know our family will believe the news before they ever believe us.)


Enjoy the day and do your thang. I personally think the whole holiday thing is a bunch of trash to further promote our sick insatiable desire to hold on to traditions that only enable behaviors and lifestyles that are killing us, all in the name of love and family, but whatever. Do what works for you.

Last but not least, you should know that some of your family may get seriously offended that you are not eating their food. I mean culturally you know you don't EVER come into a black house and get offered food and turn it down. Ever.

Honestly this is something I cannot help you with.

I'm not here for other people's feelings or traditions so I'm going to do ME. I don't have to explain where I am or why I'm doing it. I am not going to do what I don't want to in order to save your feelings.  Been there and done that for too many years, but now I'z free, and no more!

But that's on you to decide if you'll allow someone else's butt hurt feelings to dictate your life. If I don't know anything else, I KNOW life feels damn good when you live it on your terms. No explanations given. 

And let me just say, the point here is not about separation. It's not about oh I'm better than them or that I'm more superior. NO. It is simply about having a mind of your own. Questioning things and deciding for yourself what vibes with you and what doesn't.

At some point you gotta man/woman up and live free.

How do you know when you're free? There is no more resistance and you are happy with the decisions you're making.

Know this, others are living the way they want.

I suggest you do the same.

Because why? Life is good and best served when it's done your way.

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It took life turning me upside down before I figured out how to live it right side up. Hopefully I can save you some of the trouble.

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