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I want purpose: Where To Start


What is it? How do I get it? How will I know when I find it?

What is my purpose?

This seems to be the magic question many are asking. What is this purpose thing everyone is talking about? I want it and I need it. I feel unfulfilled, like something is missing. Sound familiar?


First of all, I need you to get excited. No seriously. Get excited that you are actually listening to your inner voice within that confirms you are on this earth for a reason.

Yup, if you're reading this you are here for a reason and a purpose, and guess what - following the status quo, going to school, getting into debt, getting a job to work to get out of that debt, maybe retire, and then dying ain't it! 

That's what's so promising about me, you and every other person who has decided to shift the so-called norm and live our making instead of settled with just making a living - we are recognizing our divine power within to do and be more!

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
Mark Twain

I believe Purpose is always calling us. It's the yearning within that won't subside. It's the calling of more. It's the part of you that whispers that are proceeded by the, I should do, I wanna do, if only I had the money to do's.....

It never goes away and often because of our refusal to acknowledge and honor it, purpose becomes an irritate in our minds and spirit.

Then we result to suppression and start the process of feeding ourselves what I like to call "settle lies". You know the lies you tell yourself in order to make you feel good about settling.

Example: I've learned to just be grateful for what I have, I can't afford to make the sacrifices others have made, Everything isn't meant for everyone,  Sometimes you have to be an adult and realize some things aren't meant to be, or the all time favorite...I don't need to do/have all of that to be happy anyway.

Tell me I'm wrong. I'm not suggesting that there aren't appropriate scenarios that call for using any of those lines but I am saying that we often use those "justifications" as a cop-out to soothe our aching feeling of resentment. 

Everything you're looking for is within.

You are the answer to every question you have. Seek and you will find. 

I realize that it can be a little frustrating to hear things like, hey you have answers, when you feel like, no I don't have the answers!

But that's where faith comes in. You have to trust divine spirit enough to know without a shout of a doubt that your genuine pursuit of more will reveal to you every piece of the puzzle you feel is missing.

You must get to know you, the core of who you are in order to connect with your purpose. No, you don't have to find it, you just need your eyes to be open enough to recognize what you've had all along. 


Good News: You know there's more.
Better News: You've signified that you're ready for more by your desire of it.
Best News: You already have purpose, you just need to access it. 

Always know the thing you are seeking, is seeking you as well. If you feel as though you have a greater purpose although you're not sure what it is, the feeling alone is confirmation that you do have a greater purpose and it's time to identify it.

The 1st Steps To Finding Your Purpose?

Get To Know You

When I think about my years of conflict, uncertainty, lack of confidence and fearful living, there was only one common denominator, me - I simply did not know who I was.

I did not recognize my greatness. I did not identify with the things that really spoke to my spirit. I did not know the power I alone had to change my life.

​Funny how I had all this book sense and religion but no sense of my true essence. It was only, and I mean ONLY, when I got serious about improving and getting results in my life that I was able to challenge my thoughts, beliefs and actions, and dig deep into my core to find me.

Common Sense
NO one knows you like you know you. No one. And if you don't think so it's only because you have abandoned and disconnected from your true self.

How can you know what kinds of foods, entertainment, people, and places you like but not your passion and purpose? Because you have invested more time into those things than you have into your mental and spiritual self.

The Point?
When you are in tune with you, you know the things that put you in your best space, mentally and physically. You get much pleasure and insight into having conversations with yourself. More importantly, you get to hear your thoughts clearly so you know when your mind is being dominated by the influence of yourself or others. 

What To Do?  

You must find your way back to you and yes, initially this will take practice.

The best test is to see if you can stand to be by yourself.

Can you enjoy a day or weekend of having quiet and intimate moments with yourself without complaining, getting bored or feeling lonely?

  • Pencil You In
    As much as you love your family and friends, you have to devote time to you. Think about how long it's been since you've really sat in silence and just wandered off in thought. Not in worry or frustration but in inquisitive thought.

    Do what works. Sometimes pulling away and hiding in the bathroom to read, meditate and reflect (the mothers can appreciate this:), or taking yourself to the coffee shop or library or maybe the park. Whatever the case, in the midst of planning your days/weeks of to-dos, make a space for you to work on your own self discovery. 

Health Check

Everything comes back to your health. Everything.

Mind. Body. Spirit. ​A clearing of the body leads to the clearing of the mind which leads to a connection with the spirit.

​If you've noticed, almost every religion has an aspect of fasting as one of its tenets. Why do you think that is?

First we must understand the overload we put on the body with not just overeating, which backs up our system and slows down the process of waste elimination, but also overeating foods that are chemically laden.

Second when we stop eating and the body is no longer digesting food, our bodies naturally begins to cleanse itself. 

The great sages and prophets of the world understood that releasing the body's burden of eating and digesting food, fasting, was the key to spiritual enlightenment and fulfilled living. ​

Common Sense
You don't feel sharp, observant or responsive when your health is not at its best. In order to think well you must feel well, agreed? 

The Point?
It is usually the thing that you are most passionate about that leads you to your purpose. The problem is when life has you weighed down mentally and your daily lifestyle has your body weighed down physically it is very difficult to identify the thing that you are passionate about.  

Crazy as it seems, you could be currently doing something that you are passionate about, something that is waving a flag saying yes, focus on me, I'm the path  to your purpose but because you are not in a position of receiving this information, you are longing for and experiencing frustration at the absence of something that is already present in your life.

What To Do?  
Focus on what goes in and out of your body. What kinds of foods and positive energy is going in and how frequently is toxic energy and waste coming out?

  • Get Serious About Your Health
    I can't stress enough how cleaning up your body cleans up your mental space in such a dramatic way. You literally begin dreaming again (nope nightly dreaming is not just for children), you are able to focus, ideas begin to flow to you and you are able to recognize things you like and dislike that never seemed to stand out before.

    Make one goal for yourself - I will do what I can to get better everyday. Whatever that looks like. Whether it's drinking water, eating more fruits and veggies, deep breathing, exercising, yoga etc - do whatever you need to do to help keep your engine clean.

    Remember it's the only one you have and it's responsible for taking you everywhere you desire in this life 😉

Do the Work

A'ight I'm not going to mince words here. Cut the crap and do the damn work.

You say you want to walk in your purpose so commit to preparing yourself to do just that. You must be intentional about your efforts to pursue that which you desire, knowing that your purpose is seeking you just as much as you are seeking it.

Let's say you've done the above and you feel as though you're still not clear on what you're doing or why. Maybe it's all feeling more like an arduous task than a joyous pursuit.

It is important to remember there are two parts to seeking: there's the active pursuit of more, then there's the surrender. When you are doing the work, don't fret, trust the process.

You are in a constant cycle of growth. Before you ascend to a new level you have to learn the lessons and develop the character needed to qualify you for the next. 

So what does this have to with purpose? Glad you asked. Finding your unique purpose is one thing but walking in your purpose as a universal creator is another. 

Above all every one of us is tasked with working on ourselves. As you pursue your purpose remember that your greatest contribution to mother earth is your constant evolution.

It is through the process of refinement, recalibration, and rejuvenation that you experience a you that you never have before. This "you" holds the key to the door of purpose that you desire to open.

Common Sense
If you're here you have a purpose. You already know this. You also know that your purpose is not decided by any person outside of yourself.

Your purpose is you. You are it. It dwells within, meaning although you may be unable to recognize it at this time, its presence still exists. 

You cannot honestly say that you have been in pursuit of your purpose all your life, can you? Of course not.

You've thought a certain way and accepted things as is because you were programmed to.

Now you will have to do the opposite - reprogram yourself to get results that differ from those you received under your former way of thinking.

What To Do?  

Seek ye first the kingdom (your highest self) and all else will be added.​ Reconnect with self.

Your answers are there. Clean your body, still your mind and make improving and working on yourself your #1 focus.

  • Ask, Seek, Knock 
    "Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened ."

    Sounds pretty simple right? Well do it then! Ask God, divine spirit, the Universe, the Most High...whatever you call higher power, what you desire.

    E.g. Help, I need to know my purpose. Open my eyes to see the answers that are being presented to me.

    Then seek! Seek knowledge, seek wisdom. Read, pray and work with whatever you have from wherever you are.

    Don't waste time thinking you could be doing the wrong thing. There is no wrong thing. Trust as you align with your higher self, you will know when a situation/job/business no longer serves you. You will no when a thing is no longer your thing.

    Finally, knock.

    Never get discouraged because it seems as though you're still not "there". Keep knocking. If one door doesn't lead you to your purpose, knock at another.

    Don't stop until you find it and it finds you. The moment that you collide with your purpose you will KNOW it, no questions asked.

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