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I want to be happy: Where To Start

I am responsible for my happiness.
I am responsible for my happiness.
I am responsible for my happiness.
Come on say it with me three times, spin around and say it one mo' time.


This is huge my friends - guaranteed the most important declaration you'll ever make in life. No one else is responsible for your happiness and if you currently find yourself unhappy know that it has everything to do with you - not racism, sexism, money, other people or the devil - YOU!

Shocking right? The idea that no it's not your spouse, job, kids, haters, or your finances that are making you unhappy, it is you. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your perspective, and your energy are all in play. 

Most will completely reject this idea and stop reading from here. Honestly, that's probably a good idea. Until you are ready to accept the fact that you are the only person capable of making you happy then the following suggestions won't be of any assistance to you.

You don't have to agree but ask yourself how blaming others has worked out for you so far in life? The idea of looking for or wanting to be happy makes the assertion that happiness is something that you don't already possess when in fact, happiness is a state of being.

If you want to be happy, then be.

I know initially this may seem easier said than done but the more you tap into your divine power, the better you'll become in finding and residing in your place of happiness.

Due to many years of programming, whether from our families, religion, or society in general there are many layers that have to be excavated before we gain access to the space of universal peace and happiness.

Dismiss any ideas of skipping through the process.​

If you commit to the process, it will commit to you. It's just that simple. Does the shift happen overnight? No, but I'm a witness that there are steps you can take to help you along the way.

Negative emotions always mean that the larger part of you is focused on what you do want while you are focused on its absence. - Abraham Hicks


Good News: You know what you want.
Better News: You're willing to pursue it.
Best News: You will find that what you've been looking for you've had all along. 

If happiness begins within we must address what's going on in the inside. Everything is matter of perspective and when your physical and mental self are not functioning at its best it is nearly impossible to be happy. Let's explore this a little further.

Food You Eat

I really wanted to address your mind and setting intentions first but for most of us no matter how much we try our bodies are so bogged down with an overload of toxins and waste that it's pretty much impossible to ask anything of our minds. 

What are you eating?​

Common Sense
You know that what you eat matters. You recognize that after eating some of your favorite meals, you feel so tired and miserable all you want to do is sleep? You
also recognize how eating some things leave you feeling light and full of energy?

The Point?
There's a tag-team effort going on with your mind and body. When the body is weighed down with excessive amounts of heavy meats and processed foods, its natural process of digestion and waste removal is hindered. The body then becomes overworked and has to devote all of its energy to processing and digesting food.

The redirecting of your energy to the troubled areas in your body, whether liver, intestines or colon, leaves your brain power very depleted. Have you noticed how it may seem harder to concentrate and focus during the day? Many attribute this to age but come on people, since when did 25-40 become the range of "aging".  

For the most part the average person doesn't hardly have the energy to do anything other than "relax and unwind" (which usually involves partaking in more degenerate foods/activities). 

What To Do?  
Stop the eating tailspin of fast and overly processed foods. Simply put, stop putting sh* in your body.

Acknowledge the fact that your eating habits are not helping you and commit to honoring your temple. 

  • Stay In Tune With Nature
    We must get back to nature. From herbs to fruits and vegetables, mother nature truly has us covered in every way.

    If you're serious about changing your life and seeking a constant place of happiness you will embrace the process. The slow and steady, lifelong process. Start where you are and begin to implement things in your diet that exemplify light. 

    You will have to decide what's best for you but going vegan for me changed everything, most notably being my energy levels. Less boxed items and more fresh produce. 

    Remember everything you put in your body will either contribute to you feeling energetic and happy or worn down and tired.


People often say, well you're surrounded by toxins and chemicals what can you really do about it? First of all, you always do any and every thing that you CAN do. The goal is not to stress yourself out but to do the best you can, and truth be told many of us can do a lot more.

I understand that we have gotten to a point in society that we must be spoon fed every single thing. It's like in order for me to convince you that you need to detox, I should proceed with a long list of scientific studies saying so. Now I'm not saying looking at studies is bad per se, but let's not forget that there is a lot of money and special interest tied into many studies. Always follow the money and then determine if you can trust the conclusions of the study. 

But wait, that's not my point. My point is that the goal of this site is to help you find your way back to you! We are so disconnected from self that we don't recognize our ability to assess and make decisions on our own in regard to what we need. 

Common Sense
If you clean the filters in your house and car, you don't need an expert to tell you that you need to clean your bodily filters! You know your insides, your organs? If you breathe in chemicals, eat food with chemical ingredients and meat that's been injected with chemicals then what do you think is inside your body?

The Point?
We will definitely have to go more in depth on the topic of detoxification because it is one of the most integral components in maintaining a healthy body and consequently a healthy mind but the point here is that until the body is clean, the mind will be bogged down. 

 Never trust anyone who leads you to believe that developing a consistent lifestyle of cleansing aka detoxing your body is not necessary.

What To Do?  
There are levels to detoxing. Keep in mind that it's possible that you've never detoxed your body ever so depending previous lifestyle everyone's level of toxicity will differ. 

Your body is magnificently intelligent so it is certainly capable of detoxing itself by way of fasting. However I would not recommend starting off with fasting especially if you've never done it before. 

Understand that during the process of de(remove)-toxing(poison) your body is releasing toxins so what you don't want to do is overload your system when it is in a vulnerable state and your eliminate organs are not functioning optimally. 

That's where nature comes into play to assist us. 

  • Plants & Herbs
    Many want a one and done approach to healing. Sorry doesn't work that way. You must adopt a lifestyle of health and wellness and commit to keeping your body clean on a consistent basis.

    Remember what the goal is here. We want to keep our physical temple clear of toxins and waste which will allow our body to function at its best and ultimately keep us mentally sharp and in a state of happiness. 

    Make herbal detoxes are your new friend. I only recommend using 100% herbal detoxes from suppliers you can trust. I personally use HealThySelf360 for parasite cleanses (oh buddy parasites are the hidden culprit behind many illnesses, mental and physical) and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra Herbs for full body detoxing. 

    Herbal cleanses will help jumpstart your journey to health but remember that without making the necessary changes in the foods you eat you are often just spinning wheels in regard to progressing.

Mind /

As I mentioned under the food section, yes, your mind is the most critical component in your ability to be happy, but without cleaning your temple (your body), it is very difficult to access the gateway to your best mind.
Common Sense
If what you put in your mouth is critical to the stability of your mind and body, what about what goes in your ears and eyes? We are shaped by everything we eat, see, hear, and say. It is impossible to remain in a state of being happy when everything around you is the exact opposite of that.

The Point?
You must do an inventory check. Like today, now. If you are truly serious about being happy, does your life reflect that? Are your friends happy or complainers? Is your family happy or broke and full of drama? Do you speak happiness or sadness and defeat?

What To Do?  
You have some decisions to make. You will either take charge of what is influencing your mind or you will be a victim to that which you refuse to control.

  • Be Intentional
    Stop watching tv. Period. Stop watching the news. Cut off everyone who is not projecting a light of love, optimism and happiness. Anything that leads you to believe that evil, chaos, fear and disorder is the norm does not serve you and should be eliminated from your space asap.

    Yes I know that's asking a lot but what is more important - your detrimental habits and opinions of others or truly changing and creating the life you desire?

    We need clarity and stillness. Watch things that make you happy. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Talk to people who are full of life and love. (And I'll keep it real here, with me, I had to follow people on social media in order to accomplish this because my circle did not include anyone who was not at a place where they felt defeated in some degree.) Read inspirational books or find motivational videos on youtube.

    Most importantly meditate. Even if this sounds or appears to be weird, know that the act of stilling the mind is the key to accessing your highest self. This is not about religion, rather a practice of centering yourself in order to stay in tune with your spirit.

    Meditation: Path to the Deepest Self is a good book that gives you more insight into how we are energetic beings and every thought we have is energy and the role meditation plays in our life and health.

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