Adulthood: The Slow Death of Life

When did it happen? 

When did you decide to settle?

When did you decide that stashing your dreams away was a matter of being an "adult"​?

When did you trick yourself into believing that continuously doing the things you hate was a honorable grown-up sacrifice?


When did you make putting everyone else before yourself your life motto?

When did you minimize your existence down to just doing "what you're supposed to do"?

When did you starting allowing others to define "what you're supposed to do"?

When did you decide to give up on life?

Seriously, when did it happen?

Don't argue with me now, because that's exactly what you did and you know it.​

Is there a tingling in your throat or maybe a little tightening in your chest? Yes? Then you know I'm talking to you.​

You've looked around and seen everything that you didn't want in life and somehow you now find yourself there.

Same ol' routine, same ol' new year resolutions, same ol' weekly habit of hating Mondays and only looking forward to Fridays.

The fatigue that comes from feeling like you're running out of time is damn near overbearing. Frustrated with the pay, or the lack thereof, that you're receiving from a job that is draining every fiber of your being but you have to keep because, well, bills.​

The joy of your life now comes from staying as far away from the present as possible - whether that's sleeping, drinking, smoking, sexing, eating or tv watching your life away.

But how? Where did you go wrong?

What happened to your dreams? 

The fire that would light up your insides and take you to a place of joy, excitement and fulfillment.

How did that fire go out?

More importantly, who blew it out? Was it you?

"Sometimes you have to grow up and be responsible."​

What the hell does that even mean?

Since when did following your dreams become childish and irresponsible?​


​You will never convince me that you don't have dreams and for the majority of us, you will never convince me that we are living or actively pursuing our dreams.

You know how I know? Because every single person I've ever asked "what would you be doing if you could do anything you wanted", has had an answer.

They didn't really have to ponder long over it. They just knew.

And YOU know.​

That's the most disheartening part is, we all know. We know that while we may love our family, friends and life as it currently is, we desire so much more that what we've settled for.

More than a desire we feel a calling to so much more.​

But "reality" has reared it's ugly head and made a dream no more than a Disney story - something you periodically look at it, feel good about, but settle with the notion that it's just make-believe. 

Maybe the word dream is the problem. 

So let's replace dreams with purpose - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

I think we'd all agree that there is a reason for which we were created, no?

If not, why are you here?

​Why would thoughts and desires come to you that speak so intensely to your mind and spirit?

Why would you choose one path but constantly feel the pull of another?​

You didn't have to be born and even if you were you didn't have to be alive right now, at this exact time.​

So again I ask, why are you here?


I honestly understand my old skool peeps. Life has hit them so hard and the programming so deep that it just feels better to stay in that place of normalcy than to step out and pursue more.

But to ​my 20, 30, maybe even 40 year old folk I'm speaking directly to you.

Life has just begun but it seems as though we've given up already.

We're overweight, tired, overworked, sick, and complacent.

No fight.

No belief in anything outside of "reality".

Don't you remember when you believed in purpose until your parents told you'd never find a job in the field of "passion and dreams"?

Don't you remember that you believed it was possible to do what you loved until society said struggle and compromise was the way to go?

Did you forget that your parents and grandparents had dreams too, but decided to do "what was best", and well that best worked out for everyone else other than them?

How dare you get gifted with this life and all that it holds and just waste it away because you're too fearful and uncertain to step outside of your comfort zone to get what's yours.

How many people's lives would be positively affected and changed by YOU simply doing what you are purposed to do?​

You are your greatest assignment so who cares how long it'll take to get to where you know you're destined to be, the time is going to pass anyway - you plan on dying before then?​

Just admit that you're scared.

Admit that it feels too risky.

Admit that you've used the act of just being "thankful for what you have" as an excuse to not go after that which your divine spirit has confirmed is your life's love and passion.

Admit that as the days go by, more and more adulthood is overtaking your every existence and you are becoming more and more comfortable with living beneath than your potential.

Admit it!

​Then ask yourself, knowing this will I continue to allow adulthood to be the death of me?

"He came, she came, they conformed, they settled, they squandered their gifts​, they did just enough to get by, then they died."

Is this your legacy in the making?

We gon' see.

Photo: Ryan McGuire

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