Anal Sex: The Health Implications

Anal Sex: The implications for your health

I don't think there are any topics that are off limits when it comes to our health.

We are partaking in a lot of things because it's culturally accepted, or because we don't want to be an oddball who's not doing 'what everyone else is' or because we simply like to do it, and no one is asking not nay question about it.


There are too many people suffering from random and recurring ailments, ​that they nor their doctors seem to have an answer for, not to stop and look at our behaviors and lifestyles.

If you are participating in certain activities you should know why you do it and how those actions could adversely affect you.

For the record, I what you do sexually and how you do it so don't send me any messages saying, oh so you're saying this or that is wrong.

Do you homie. I'm here to provide information. Do with it what you please.


Like it or not, nature has the answer for everything. 

Anal sex (Reverse Kundalini) greatly affects the pineal gland (3rd eye), which is dependent upon Kundalini rising up the central nerve of the spine and taking the Life Force with it.
Djehuty Ma-at-Ra

As you explore any area of your body, it has a function - it​ serves a purpose.

Your eyelashes minimize the flow of air over your eyeball, which keeps the eye moisturized and clear of dirt and dust.

Mucus acts as an internal filter and lubricate, it traps harmful particles and toxins to then be released out of the body.

Your tongue gives you the ability to speak, and assists in the eating and swallowing of food.

Despite what "modern" medicine may suggest, there is nothing the Divine creator has formed in your body that does not serve a specific purpose.



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The idea that you can stick a penis in an anus and not come in contact with fecal matter, is just, laughable. 

But don't take my word for it, let's just see what the streets have to say about an anus.

The rectum provides temporary storage for feces before they are expelled. As the rectal walls expand due to collecting feces, stretch receptors in the rectal walls stimulate the desire to defecate. Peristaltic waves then push the feces out of the rectum.
The anus controls the expulsion of the feces. The flow of feces through the anus is controlled by the anal sphincter muscle. The internal and external sphincter muscles relax, allowing the feces to be passed by muscles and pulling the anus up over the exiting feces.
The anus is the last part of the digestive tract. It is a 2-inch long canal consisting of the pelvic floor muscles and the two anal sphincters (internal and external). The lining of the upper anus is specialized to detect rectal contents.
It lets you know whether the contents are liquid, gas, or solid.
The anus is surrounded by sphincter muscles that are important in allowing control of stool. The pelvic floor muscle creates an angle between the rectum and the anus that stops stool from coming out when it is not supposed to. The internal sphincter is always tight, except when stool enters the rectum.
It keeps us continent when we are asleep or otherwise unaware of the presence of stool. When we get an urge to go to the bathroom, we rely on our external sphincter to hold the stool until reaching a toilet, where it then relaxes to release the contents.
Cleveland Clinic

​Here's what we know:

  1. Your anus, which is only around 2 inches long, is medically defined as the lower part of your digestive tract where you excrete waste.
  2. The natural flow of your digestive tract is downward not upward.


Oh my friends, my friends. If you only knew the creatures crawling in and around your ass, you would think twice about recklessly subjecting your face and body parts to it.

I find it absolutely amazing that health advocates speak very little about the issue of parasites and how it's affecting Americans at an alarming rate. I guess the belief is that parasites are a "third-world" problem, or at least that's what you're supposed to think.

Our declining health and growing number of misdiagnosed illnesses say otherwise.​

The systematic study of parasites began with the rejection of the theory of spontaneous generation and the promulgation of the germ theory. Thereafter, the history of human parasitology proceeded along two lines, the discovery of a parasite and its subsequent association with disease and the recognition of a disease and the subsequent discovery that it was caused by a parasite.
Clin Microbiol Rev. 2002 Oct; 15(4): 595–612.

Did you read that?! Oh the association of parasites to disease, all disease not just sexual either - I could pull references for days that could speak to the link between illnesses and parasites but this we will have to go in depth on another post, but just make a mental note.

Although the meat eaters have a higher susceptibility of intestinal parasites, everyone has them. You eat them, breath them, drink them. Think water, ice, air, pets, eating meat, unwashed produce, and the list goes on.

The average person over 40 has anywhere between 5 to 25 pounds of build-up in their colon. Parasites of all sizes thrive in this indisposed residue of fecal matter, slowly but surely toxifying the whole body.
Dr. Bernard Jenson

The problem with these things is that they lay eggs and multiply very rapidly. When your temple isn't clean it's easy for you to have a colony inside of you and not even know it.

If we took care of our bodies and ate real cleansing foods (fruits and vegetables), which facilitates proper digestion along with timely excretion of waste, parasites wouldn't stand much of a chance of growing and thriving in our bodies.

But we don't.


To make this worse people are actually "eating" butt?? Sticking your month and tongue in and around the anus? X_X​

Here's a fun fact: ​

Pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis) infections are the most common worm infection in America.

The most common symptom of pinworms is an itchy rectal area. Symptoms are worse at night when the female worms are most active and crawl out of the anus to deposit their eggs.

If you're thinking only licking around the anus keeps you in the clear, um, think again.

To my lovely ladies, trying to be the biggest freak in order to "keep your man happy", whatever the hell that means, is going to lead you down a dangerous path.

Too many women are experiencing unexplained and reoccurring vaginal and bacterial infections (diet plays a significant role in this as well) and haven't stopped to think about the freak nastiness that's going on in your bedroom.

One of the worst things your man can do is to have anal sex with you and then penetrate your vagina.

Common sexually transmitted bacterial organisms may affect the anorectum and perianal skin. While some of these infections are a result of contiguous spread from genital infection, most result from receptive anal intercourse.

While most anorectal STDs are acquired via anal receptive intercourse, contiguous spread from genital infection occurs.
Clin Colon Rectal Surg. 2004 Nov; 17(4): 209–214.


Common sense says, if the vagina begins to secrete its own lubricant to prepare for intercourse and the anus doesn't....maybe one is designed for penetration and the other isn't.

Interestingly enough, I distinctly remember years ago that girls and women were told NOT to wipe from back to front after using the bathroom because of the risk of spreading dangerous bacteria into their vaginal area.

Now the bacteria from your anus no longer poses a threat to your vagina OR your mouth?? What's that called? Bacterial evolution? Got it.

In regard to the energy flow of your body, I believe there are some spiritual implications here as well. We are out of balance sexually and that is reflected in the reckless amounts of f***n we're having, rather than purposeful yin-yang balanced sex.

​Again I have no opinion on what's best for YOU.

Your anus is for expelling waste. Whatever else you decide to use it for is your prerogative. Do what you do, however you want to do it.

Just be mindful that your health is all you have so at the very minimum, protect yourself.

  1. Think for yourself and do what works for you - always remembering the law of cause and effect.
  2. ​I have no suggestions if you're adamant about eating butt other than make sure the person on receiving side is at minimum a very clean eater (plant based would be ideal), does full body detoxes and parasite cleanses on the regular, and washes their ass before yall get down!
  3. If you are going to have anal sex, use a lot of lubricate (coconut oil, which is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial). The inner walls of your anus and rectum is very fine tissue which is easily torn making your more susceptible to bacteria and disease. NEVER go from back to front, make the person change condoms before beginning vaginal intercourse and wash before oral.

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