Healthy but always tired or fatigued?

How can one be healthy yet tired all the time?

Because you're not - healthy that is.

I know that's going to hurt your feelings but most people who think they're healthy aren't. 

It's what we've been taught though. Get you a salad and some fruit here and there, wheat bread, and some "lean" meats and you're good to go.

In theory this sounds good but if this were true, ask yourself why don't you feel any better than you do?


What's really sick is that the medical industry wants you to believe that you can be "healthy" but still get sick, get cancer and get unexplainable age-related (whatever that means) illnesses.

The idea is that you have no control over your body or your health. It's your genes, it's hereditary, yadda, yadda. How convenient.

You go to the doctor for your annual checkup and one of two things happen: your "numbers" look good and they give you a clean bill of health or your numbers don't look good and they give you a (or several) prescription drug.

Interestingly enough, you can go to the doctor consistently for years and get a clean bill of health and then, out of nowhere you find out you have cancer or some other debilitating illness.

So what exactly is preventative care? Seems to me that you aren't preventing anything by going to the doctor, you're just casually checking in until you find out you have something.

That same something that you were "destined" to get anyway. How sway.

No matter how long and confusing is the list of symptoms a person has, from chronic fatigue to infertility to mental problems, I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites.
Dr. Hulda Clark


The main reason you're tired all of the time is because you're a toxic landfill.

No, you say? Well when's the last time you've detoxed your body? And how often are you doing it?

There is cleansing power in eating real, whole foods (i.e. fruits and veggies). However most of us don't and if we do, it's very sparingly. 

There is also detoxing power in not eating, aka fasting, but that is something many of us refuse to do. Even religious folk who're "supposed" to do it, don't...ha!​

What did you eat yesterday? How much of it came out of a box/bag or from a fast food joint?

You may think your unfavorable eating habits are every now and then but they're not and you know it. They are weekly - and those weeks add to months, and those months to years.

How old are you? Just imagine how many toxins you've accumulated over 10, 20, 30+ years. 

That goes to show how powerful and merciful our bodies are despite how we treat it.

Not only do we eat toxins, we breathe it. We microwave our foods and spray on God awful perfumes and colognes, put on lotions, deodorants and other hair and beauty products that are laced​ with chemicals.

So much so that our eliminative channels (liver, kidneys, colon, lungs etc) become over loaded. Because our body loves us and is always trying to reverse the damage we do to it, it stays working overtime trying to keep you functional.

Of course we make this worse by overeating. ​Your body is intelligent! When digestion stops, it begins to cleanse itself, but here again we've been taught we need to eat ALL day in order to trick our bodies into handling our fat and metabolism properly.

The end result is that, yes, you are "alive and well" but operating far below full capacity, which is why you are always tired.


I think we've lost sight of how important a free flowing digestive and bowel system is.

Eating is a cycle. If you're putting in, you should be letting out.

How is it possible to eat (at minimum) three fulls meals and only have one bowel movement, or none at all?

Constipation is one of the most frequent gastrointestinal complaints in the USA and Western countries. There are at least 2.5 million doctor visits for constipation in the USA each year and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent for laxatives yearly.
American College of Gastroenterology 

​You don't need to be some expert to know that waste remaining in your body longer than it should, is problematic. 

Death begins in the colon. Dr. Bernard Jensen

This also comes back to what we eat. I know as a meat eater, it was not uncommon for me to skip days having a bowel movement (nope you can't be more disgusted than I am).

Being bloated, gassed up, and burping on a consistent basis should be an indicator that your digestive system is not functioning at its best.

We should all be happy that for all the signals our body (yes, fatigue, headaches, confusion, pains, etc are all signals) gives us to let us KNOW without a doubt that our body is out of balance.


You have parasites and they are eating you alive, literally.

They do a very good job of slowly but surely draining you of your resources, and you don't have to have any noticeable symptoms either.

If you were to pick up and dissect any living organism from anywhere around the globe, you would undoubtedly find at least one other species inside of it—a symbiont, often a parasite. This ubiquity makes it clear that the way these passengers interact with their living habitats is key to understanding many aspects of life, primarily, the health and the well-being of free-living host species.

Like most animals, humans are replete with a large variety of symbiotic species, including parasites, which have plagued them since their origins and across their evolutionary history. No less than 179 species of parasites (eukaryotes) have been shown to parasitize Homo sapiens sapiens. PLoS Biol.
2010 Nov; 8(11): e1000526.

This isn't rocket science people. 

What is a parasite: an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.

If you have other organisms invading your insides, common sense says, because those organisms are depriving you of your own nutrients and energy, you are going to feel fatigued.

That might explain why you're talking a whole bunch of vitamins and supplements and feeling no different.

While jacking you of your resources, intestinal parasites throw off the balance in your gut so you are less likely to absorb​ whatever nutritious foods and supplements you may be taking in.

Funfact: parasites release waste, just like you. So if you're already backed up with waste, what happen​s when you add more waste to that?? Yup, a waste wonderland, if there was such a thing.


Health is wholistic. Meaning you can not pick and choose what areas you want to address.

It's almost like people who spot train in fitness. They attempt to address their midsection but disregard getting their body in shape all together. 

It doesn't work that way.

Whenever you have an issue in one place, rest assured it is a reflection of the overall condition of the body.​

No, 20, 30 and 40 year old people, you should not be tired all the time, needing a nap.

No, you should not need coffee in the morning in order to start your day alive.

No,​ you should not fall into a coma after eating. Food is energy, right?

You are fatigued all the time because you are not healthy. Your body is working overtime trying to digest food nonstop, manage toxic overload and fight off parasites.

Body tired.

And so are you.

  1. Skipping breakfast is the quickest way to start the process of giving your digestive system a break and allowing your body to properly self clean.
  2. Make full body detoxes and parasite cleanses your best friend. If you periodically clean your house and car filters because you understand the dangers of dirt overload, why not your body?
  3. Experiment with eliminating meat and diary from your diet for designated periods of time and see if you notice any difference.

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