2017: From One Sh*tty Movement to Another

Aaaaaaand just like that, we're back! 

Yeah I know it's been a minute but you know what I've learned about life, when it tells you to get somewhere and sit down and shut up, it would behoove you to do so!

The time away has been good. Informative and enlightening. But it's time to get right back into this thing.


If you're new here, I have one goal (I lie, I have three actually) and that is to challenge you to think. Not think like me, just to simply think.

The next goal is to get you to become responsible for yourself. To stop making excuses and USE COMMON SENSE to get your life together! Yes you do have that, it may be buried, but it's there. We all have access to our divine spirit, so it's time to use it!

Lastly but certainly not least, is to get you to understand that your body can heal itself. YOU are your healer and ultimately you will need to reconnect with yourself and your spirit in order to get this thing done.

That brings me to my topic. What the hell is going on in 2017?

What is really going on where everyone is so broken and dependant that there is this insatiable desire to connect with anything and anyone in search of an answer or an identity?

Every week there's a new movement to join and/or become outraged about.​

People, I'm telling you this approach is doomed from the start. 

You are wasting not only your time but more importantly, your power and energy. πŸ™

Maybe I should clarify this though so you can determine whether or not this poses a problem for you.

It all comes down to what you want out of life. 


There are a group of people who are content being followers, who like pseudo comfort and security and are A-OK with waiting on someone else to save the day. If that's you then ignore this.


BUT while the whole world seems to be losing its minds there are a certain group of people who are focused like never before, those who are itching for change, independence and freedom.


And willing to do what it takes to make that happen. 

That's who I'm here for. ​


My good word for you is that the cavalry ain't coming because you are ​the cavalry.


Your health, wellness and success comes down to you. Period.


Racism, feminism, sexism, classism are irrelevant so hop yo ass off of these pitiful trains to nowhere.

Stop telling me how powerful and magical you are, and God is this and that when YOU constantly believe you are a victim of the constructs of this world.

Which one is it, damn it?!

​Are you powerful or are you oppressed? 

Are you magical or ​is your magic limited by another?

Can you do all things through Christ or can't you?​

Is life or death in the power of the tongue or isn't it?

Open your eyes to the contradictions between your beliefs and actions and then do something about it.

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There has to be something within you that sees that the methods of the past are simply not working. 

You must shift focus, if only for a moment and realize that there is only one movement and that movement is self. 

You know the saying, be the example you want to see. That's what's required here.

I know what you're thinking, that sounds selfish right? Nope. That's only what we've been taught, that we should put more time into others than we put into ourselves.

Well how has that fared for us so far?​

I can talk to you all day about health, food and fitness but until you shift your mindset to SELF power and SELF awareness, it won't matter. 

There is great power in each and every one of us activating the power that exists within us. 

"Not everyone is ready yet, but many are, and with each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows, and it becomes easier for others.”​ 
Eckhart Tolle


I challenge you to get real with yourself. 

The ever changing movements can't save you and truth be told not much is being changed from the movements either.

​If I'm honest, one of my greatest ah-ha moments came after the death of Mike Brown. I was just as overly emotional as the next and I carried my dumbass "revolutionary" self down to DC by myself to protest. 

I'll skip through the details of not knowing anything about the area and marching for miles not realizing it would get dark and I would need to walk back and find my car.

I mean the epitome of being dumb as hell.

Make a note that I left my family behind for some fake ass cause, a cause that wouldn't have had anything to offer my family as an emotional or financial condolence had anything happened to my dumb ass. Did I mention I was dumb ass?! Oh ok.

This is what happens when you are led by your emotions.

Y'all I felt so good though! I was proud! I had let my voice be heard (even though no one was listening) and I stood up for myself and my people, yes! Right?

I remember it like it was yesterday I was in my car driving home. I literally had a smile on my face and after no more than a few minutes of driving it immediately begin to fade away as a voice came to me clear as day and said, Now what?

You did all of that, and yes you feel good, but now what?

I mean out of everything that I had just done, I could not answer that question.

I swear it was in that moment that I knew I had a fundamental choice to make. To either see the error in my ways and thinking or I'd find myself writing my destiny using the same defeated, sick and oppressed pen of everyone around me.

You can guess which option I chose.

So for you I pose the same question. For everything you have followed or are currently following. Movements, causes, health fads, political beliefs, religious dogma etc. Now what?​

Have you moved any chains? Or does it just feel good pretending like you have?

This is just a reminder that YOU said this year was going to be different.

Will it?

​We gon' see.


  1. As of today, make a declaration to never blame anyone or anything else for you not being who and where you would like to be in life.
  2. Decide that time no longer matters and the journey to BEcoming is more important that the time it takes to get there.
  3. Commit to working on yourself, but more importantly work on taking back control of your emotions. Logic over everything.
  4. Start. Today.

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