The Church: Why Black Folks Will Never Be Healthy or Well

It's been a minute since I wrote, Part I: Why I Left The Church but I figured what better time to continue the discussion.

I'm tired. Well honestly I bounce back between​ fatigue and frustration.

Then again ​it's actually passion. In pursuit of myself I've discovered a passion for life, for love, for people, for truth.

And it fuels me like no other and produces a desire to share the light.

But I do understand why some people chose to remain asleep. Because to whom much is given, much is required.

Most people connect that with material things but the more wisdom that is bestowed upon you, the more you are required to be and act accordingly. 

Then I remind myself of my own personal principles and one of the first is, I will honor and offer the same free will to others that the Universe honors and offers to me.

For years I've watched, and mostly ignored, the decline and degradation around me.

It wasn't that I didn't see it, I was just able to completely justify it in my mind.​

I adopted the philosophy that had been given to me. The idea that one's most honorable life was that of pain and struggle.

God was in control and more often than not He just had a weird way of constantly allowing you to go through hardships and devastation because His will knew best.

You know Jesus suffered so who are you to think, or even expect, not to. "Thou He slay me, yet will I trust Him" Job 13:15

I'm embarrassed to even type that I believed this nonsense for a very long time, and you better believe my life reflected it too.

Just the use of plain ol' common sense would've suggested that something about this didn't make any sense.​

So what does any of this have to do with our Health & Wellness? Oh my, I'm so glad you asked.

What does our irrefutable religious beliefs have to do with our Health & Wellness?? EVERYTHING!


Achilles' Heel  - A powerful person’s fatal weakness. 

Are you familiar with the Greek hero Achilles?

Well the legend goes, when Achilles was born his mother attempted to make him immortal by dipping him in the river waters of the "gods". She held him by one heel when doing so, and this heel, unexposed to the water, became Achilles vulnerable spot. Later in battle he is shot in this very heel and dies.

Interesting. Unexposed, vulnerable and death. 

Make a mental note of those words.

Church programming has left us unexposed to the truth, which has led to a state of mental and physical vulnerability and yes, we are dying because of it.

We are being bred to be losers.To be victims. To be oppressed and in need of a savior.

I guess this is why Christianity was the one thing our slave masters willingly offered our ancestors.

I understand people don't like my parallels between religion and our health and wellness but from every angle I see it comes right back to this.

Think about our perspectives when it comes to life, government, health and money.

​Anything that happens is out of our control, we accept anything from anybody because it's the "Godly" thing to do, the worse thing that happens to us the better because we find honor in suffering like Christ did, the government should save the people, and money well, we surely need and want it, but it's evil so it's just better to find solace in just enough for now ..until we get to heaven.


The church philosophy isn't designed for you to be well.

It's designed for you to be dependent. You need the church for your weekly check-in, you need your pastor to tell you what God wants you to do and you need Jesus to forgive you after you yield to temptations wielded by the devil.

You're pitiful, both born in sin and born in His image at the same doggone time. Funny how that works.

You're nothing, without God. Don't you remember.

When it comes to the church every part of your body seems to serve a purpose except your brain.

You've been trained not to think. And I can already hear your response, No Rook that's them, not me. 


​Prove me wrong then. Tell me what you know about the church. No, not what you've been told, what you KNOW.

​What's the origin of religion? Which religion existed first (according to the records and proof that exists)? Why are there historical records hundreds of thousands of years old but 2,000 year old Christianity, nothing? Who wrote the bible? Who the hell is King James? What qualifies him to write the bible? Oh wait, did he actually write the bible? Why were some books left out? Why did Jesus say the kingdom was never coming but the church promotes waiting on the kingdom?

These questions are just the elementary ones for fun, but it goes deeper and you know it. Or maybe you don't.

But don't worry it's all for your good. Someone else knows what's best for you.​ This is why you must stay close to the cult herd, they say. Or in cute lil biblical language, fail not to assemble thyself.​

God forbid you come into some knowledge and information that causes you to question everything.​

You see, you're too incompetent and weak to discern information for yourself. The evil and obviously powerful devil may overcome you during your quest for information and you'll be doomed forever.

God created all these people on earth but somehow you're too dumb to make decisions for yourself. God, although He supposedly has no respect of persons, chose only a few special ones and unfortunately you weren't one so you must be a follower for the rest of your life.

And this is why you pray and give every dime of your money to the church. (Funny how man created money but somehow God needs you to give Him a lot of it in order to "prove" your obedience.)

This is why you stroll your happy behind to the front of the church hoping and waiting for the pastor to lay hands on you and heal you from your afflictions, but instead those afflictions remain.

That poverty remains, the cancer grows, that depression appears to go away while you're in "God's house" but creeps right back on the scene when life shows up.

You try to rationalize that it's something you've done wrong. Some sin. Didn't pray enough, didn't have enough faith, didn't memorize enough scriptures. Or no, forgive me, it's the enemy.

You drive yourself crazy - mental and spiritual warfare wrecking havoc on the inside and you can't figure out why.


We're under a spell and if we don't snap out of it, it's a wrap.​

Our people are greatly suffering and dying, and neither you nor your God seem to have any answers.

Yeah I said it.​

When is enough enough? ​When do we become brave enough to consider the fact that we may be wrong?

Some of us haven't known any better but quite frankly many of us are just flat out cowards, suckas, and fools.

No questions asked.

No matter how well intended our parents and ancestors may have been, they have led us astray.

We were left unexposed to the truth and because of our vulnerability led to believe the church is what has sustained us all this time.

Hey maybe it did. Maybe a false belief was better than no belief for our elders. But what it didn't do was make grandma's life any better. Many of our grandmas lived a hard life, often struggling financially, often riddled with sickness, often unfulfilled and often died waiting on a reward in heaven. 

But this ain't yo mama's or your grandma's life. 

It's yours and here's what I know. The word is out. You thinking you can continue to play the ignorance card isn't going to work anymore.

Life is coming for you! You can't run anymore because every corner you turn the truth is going to be right there staring you dead in the eyes.

That devil, that serpent you've been taught to despise and run away from is you, fool. Remember in the bible how God desired to keep you ignorant but the serpent was trying to get you to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. 

Now think about that. God created a tree He knew would be enticing to you and told you to look but not touch it because it would cause you to know too much, but the evil ol' serpent was like nah b, ignorance is no good, come on and get the wisdom and knowledge of the most High.

So who is really the devil and the God in the bible? LOL Too much for this post but just pocket that and think on it later.

I hear you though, "but Rook why does any of this matter if religion makes people feel good and helps them to behave as decent human beings?"

Well for those who ask this, I have nothing for you. If you justify remaining ignorant and building your life's truth on a lie, you don't have an ear to hear or an eye to see so I need you to close this browser and continue as you were.​ 

This is what we don't understand - if you accept ONE lie, you must be prepared to accept them all.

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​Ask who benefits from your belief in pseudo truths? Who benefits from you being emotionally unstable, physically degenerate and spiritually depleted? WHO? 

I can tell you who doesn't, YOU! Neither your people or your communities.​

The newsflash however, is that the reason we're in the predicament we are in as a people and a community is because of the bs that keeps getting repackaged and served year after year, one generation after another.

We see what hasn't been working, we see the faulty results, we see the continuous decline in lives of the people we love. Hell even in our own lives, and yet we still won't muster up enough courage to seek wisdom to find out why.

Despite what we've been led to believe, our belief in the church is not what has sustained us, it was all a facade that is only now being fully understood and exposed.

Our beliefs coddled us, gave a false sense of security and gave us great comfort in putting our health and wellness in the hands of another.

Now look where we find ourselves as a result.​

​Sick, broken, depressed, fearful, worried, oppressed and without any recourse.

If the church had the answer our communities wouldn't be in the state they're in. Just look around, there are more churches being built than schools.​

And don't blame the people, I thought your God was all powerful and all knowing.

If He knows you're under constant attack when is relief coming? How much more faith and prayers are needed?! 


Only you can break the shackles that keep you linked and bound to victim consciousness.

Only you can begin to question the things in your life that no longer add up.

Only YOU can create the life, health and wellness you desire.

If you find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of believing, hoping, and praying yet lack, sickness and defeat is never too far away, know that life is calling on you to evaluate some things. 

If you want to believe a bible verse, believe this, God is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33​

I'm here to tell you the secret is you. No matter what you believe if you don't find yourself getting back to you, you've erred.

The power you're looking for is within and anyone leading you to any other place than that is simply taking you for a ride.

Until we figure this out we will continue to be at the beck and call of that which we claim to despise.

One mo' time for the people in the back...

The healing of your body is dependent upon the healing of your mind, and the healing of your mind cannot begin until you release yourself from the mental strongholds placed on you by the church and religion as a whole.

The true health and wellness you desire is waiting on you to rise to the occasion and take back your power.

So what's it gonna be?​

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It took life turning me upside down before I figured out how to live it right side up. Hopefully I can save you some of the trouble.

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