(a carefully planned piece of work designed to achieve a particular goal)

(yours truly)

One day I woke up. Sure but unsure.

I was sure I had purpose, sure there was more to life but unsure about how exactly to get there.

I had always prided myself in having “the answers”, in knowing my next move, but at this time it was almost like I had been dumped in the middle of a desert. You know somewhat in a place of being thirsty and knowing water had to be near but seeing none in sight.

Even my prayers were falling short, literally feeling like they were bouncing right back to me as soon as they left my mouth. I was like where exactly did I go wrong? Why such disconnection? Yo God, where you at homie?

As health conscious as I thought I was, even my body had checked out. Hair thinning, serious digestive issues, crazy night sweats and random body rashes.

What the hell was going on?

Interestingly enough there was no one to turn to, not because I didn’t have people around, but something within said, it’s time for you to figure this out on your own.

And boy did I.

Who knew that all of this challenging goodness was walking me right into my passion, purpose and ultimately here, projectrook.com.


You see, in the midst of uncertainty I struck gold. I found who I’d been looking for all this time….ME.

I discovered that the food I was putting in my body was contributing to my state of degenerate health and gifting me with a defeated mindset. A mindset that left me lacking in self development and disconnected from spiritual wellness and the power I needed to positively change my life.

Then BOOM. The lightbulb went off, or should I say came on.

And that is what ProjectRook is about.

Awakening what’s already inside of you in order to live your best life.

Experiencing a life of ultimate Health & Wellness is rather simple and I’m willing to prove it.

What’s required of you?

  1. Willingness. You must be willing to go outside of your comfort zone, to question EVERYTHING you’ve ever been told or believed.
  2. Belief. Even if you haven’t realized how to access it, I need YOU to believe you have the power within to change your life – health and otherwise.
  3. Commitment. You either want it or you don’t. You’re either tired of settling or you’re not. Only you can make this happen.
  4. Common Sense. The true essence of who you are will never flourish until you begin to trust yourself. Listen to your intuition, let it be your guide. Remember you are the leader you’ve been looking for.


If you’re still here, I think you’re ready.

Here’s to healing inside out – WholisticallyMind. Body. Spirit. 

For real, this time.