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PR69: How To Keep Your Waist and Your Peace This Holiday Season

You know the drill. The holidays are upon us and it usually evolves a lot of unnecessary eating and stress. So your desire to keep your peace and your waist gets a lot more complicated when you’ve

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PR68: Is Stress Impacting Your Health?

We’re back! Here’s my update on what’s being going on for the past month or so. But more importantly, let’s discuss the hidden culprit behind a lot of illness and disease….stress!

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PR 67: Saturdays, Consciousness & Pastor Pork Chop

Saturdays, Consciousness and Pastor Pork Chop? Ha, what a combination! I know people hate the correlation between health and church BUT it is an important one we can’t afford to overlook. Even if

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PR66: Are Hoteps Bad For Black Folks Health?

So what’s the real deal with the Hoteps? Are they helping or hurting? Uniting or dividing? We’ve seen them mocked, ridiculed and dismissed by many of our mainstream black favorites but how

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PR64: How To Know When It’s Time To Stop A Cleanse

All month I’ve been promoting the #30DayFruitChallenge and now I think it’s time to share what’s been going on with me during this process. More importantly, I must share why I decided

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PR63: Your Health Journey Is Not About Following Others

It’s Day 16 of the #30DayFruitChallenge and there have been a few changes I’ve made as my body goes through this process of cleansing. I also want to clarify that despite me sharing my journey,

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PR62: #30DayFruitChallenge Update

It’s day 9 of the the #30DayFruitChallenge and there have been some major changes in my body already. I’ll share why I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and what’s the plan for

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The Keys To Surviving 30 Day Challenges

For the month of August we're embarking on a 30 Day Fruit Challenge and it is exactly what it sounds like - 30 days of eating only fruit.Who is we? Anyone looking to restart their health, address

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PR61: What You Need To Know About The #30DayFruitChallenge

If you’re not aware of the healing power of fruit, I invite you to join the August #30DayFruitChallenge. Fruits have an amazing ability to detoxify and rehydrate the body and unlike any other food,

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