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The Keys To Surviving 30 Day Challenges

For the month of August we're embarking on a 30 Day Fruit Challenge and it is exactly what it sounds like - 30 days of eating only fruit.Who is we? Anyone looking to restart their health, address

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PR61: What You Need To Know About The #30DayFruitChallenge

If you’re not aware of the healing power of fruit, I invite you to join the August #30DayFruitChallenge. Fruits have an amazing ability to detoxify and rehydrate the body and unlike any other food,

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PR60: The Ugly Side of the Law of Attraction

Everyone loves to talk about what we perceive to be the “positive” benefits to the Law of Attraction. You know, attracting good and kind people, attracting more wealth and abundance or maybe

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PR59: Why Vegans Are Overweight and Sick

Well, well, well it looks as though we have some confusion about what veganism and true healing really is. While I do believe in and advocate a vegan based lifestyle we must understand that there are still

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3 tools you need to survive the Summer as a Vegan

3 Tools You Need To Survive The Summer As A Vegan

Congratulations.​You've decided to not only start the summer off right but finish it off right as well.​It really doesn't matter if this is your first time at the vegan rodeo or if you've attempted

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PR58: The Power of One More Time

PR Episode 58: The Power of One More Time I’ve found the pursuit of health and wellness is just as much mental as it is physical. So how do you not only stay motivated in your pursuits but actually

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PR57: Urine, Kidneys and Cleansing

This week we’re talking pee ya’ll! I know we all do it several times a day but it is an integral part of keeping us well. Interestingly enough I’ve been monitoring mines for the past

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PR56: How Are Black Folks The Authority On God & Magic But Can’t Use Either To Heal Themselves?

Let me ask this question again. HOW are Black Folks the Authority on God & Magic But Can’t Seem to Use Either to Heal Themselves? We need answers people and don’t tell me it’s prayer

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PR55: My 30 Day Experience on Raw Food Only

There are levels to your health journey and it’s up to you to decide how far you are willing to go. However, if you’re ready to open the door to healing, raw foods can open the gateway to truly

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How to Stay Consistent with Your Health Goals

How To Stay Consistent With Your Health Goals

Consistency.The word we seem to have a love-hate relationship with.​The universal "secret" to success, in not only our pursuit of health but in our quest to be our best, personally and professionally.I

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