Three Reasons You're on Track to Get Cancer

3 reasons you’re on track to get cancer

Healthy but always tired or fatigued?

How can one be healthy yet tired all the time?

Because you’re not – healthy that is.I know that’s going to hurt your feelings but most people who think they’re healthy aren’t. It’s what we’ve been taught though. Get you a salad and some fruit here and there, wheat bread, and some “lean” meats and you’re good to go.In theory this sounds good but if this were […]

Anal Sex: The Health Implications

Anal Sex: The implications for your health

I don’t think there are any topics that are off limits when it comes to our health. We are partaking in a lot of things because it’s culturally accepted, or because we don’t want to be an oddball who’s not doing ‘what everyone else is’ or because we simply like to do it, and no […]

Girl Scout Cookies: Why Are You Eating Them?

Girl Scout Cookies: Why are you eating them?

It’s that time of year where the Girl Scout hustle is in full effect. Yes it’s a hustle because this kid-friendly cookie drive is ran almost like a drug operation. Sell, sell, sell, as much as you can as fast as you can. Keep the supply going because the people can not live without their fix.More… Miss […]

project-rook-pin-adulthood-slow-death-life (1)

Adulthood: The Slow Death of Life

When did it happen? ​When did you decide to settle?​When did you decide that stashing your dreams away was a matter of being an “adult”​?​When did you trick yourself into believing that continuously doing the things you hate was a honorable grown-up sacrifice?More…When did you make putting everyone else before yourself your life motto?​When did you minimize your existence down […]


#DaHellYouEating: Aspartame

What is aspartame? *does bird man rub*I am SO glad you asked!There are so many “little” ingredients that we don’t realize are linked to the degradation of our health. ​More…This week on episode #2 of #DaHellYouEating, we’re looking at aspartame. Before we begin, remember, it’s two ways you can approach this health journey. You can get outraged to […]