One Year Later: Why I became a vegan

#DaHellYouEating: Natural Flavors

#DaHellYouEating: Natural Flavors

Hey you. What are you eating? And why are you eating it if you don’t know what it is?I think I will make this the first of, let’s call it, #DaHellYouEating series where we’re explore the many things we eat out of ignorance habit but in reality have no clue what it is.Yes I am going […]


Part I: Why I Left the Church

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32More…”Some things aren’t meant to be understood” is one of the worst statements I’ve ever believed in my life. ​It was this statement in part, that would lead me down a long road of bondage, deception and defeat for many years to come. ​Like many […]


Holiday Eating: Vegan Survival Tips

You know the drill. Don’t nobody wanna hear about why you’re not eating “normal” because they think you and what you’re doing are dumb. And besides just being crazy for eating the way you do, you are a disgrace to cultural tradition aka just down right bougie now. More…Nevertheless, this is what I know, when you really don’t […]


What Do You Know About The Meat You Eat?

I’m not here to bash meat because for majority of my life I’ve eaten it. It was only until I begin to question WHY I was eating it that my perspective changed. As with most things we do, we have no rhythm or reason for eating meat, we do it simply because that’s what we’ve […]

How to keep your mental peace - Wellness - #ProjectRook

How To Keep Your Mental Peace

Lately I’ve just been observing. Trends. Habits. People in general. Sadly what I notice is that people are emotional wrecks. Stressed out and very unstable. There is a narrative that is being controlled by media and many are falling right into the trap.More…Everything is a matter of perspective. Everything. So no matter how bad things […]