Breakfast: Why You Should Stop Eating It


No, I Will NOT Pray For You

Yes you read it correctly and yeah I already know, this one may not go over too well with most people. But I meant what I said, I will not pray for you so do not ask. Now before you call me a selfish heathen, let me explain. There’s a real delusional, irresponsible, lazy mentality […]


My Head-on Collision With Myself

I’ve been thinking. I’ve been seeking. I’ve been listening. I’ve been learning. I’ve been becoming. It is difficult to put into words where I am at this point in my life. This past year has literally blown my mind. I mean I never knew that life is or could be what I now know it to […]


Building Gym Confidence

Let’s be clear, you do NOT need a gym in order to get physical activity. However, we all know that for many of us, a gym is more convenient and seems to provide us motivation, if for no other reason because we’re paying for it.But one common reason I hear about why people, particularly women […]


Fitness: Getting Started

Listen, it makes no sense asking me what kind of exercises I do or how many times I work out a week. Why? Because you and I are in two different places and if you are a beginner comparing yourself to someone who is not does nothing but discourage you.More…If you haven’t worked out in […]


3 Signs You’re Off Track In The New Year

The New Year is always full of excitement. For most people anyway. Regardless of what you’ve experienced or gone through in the previous year, there is something motivating and exciting about “new”. You know the feeling you have when you get a new pair of shoes, a new hair do, or a new car. A […]