Girl Scout Cookies: Why Are You Eating Them?

Girl Scout Cookies: Why are you eating them?

It’s that time of year where the Girl Scout hustle is in full effect. Yes it’s a hustle because this kid-friendly cookie drive is ran almost like a drug operation. Sell, sell, sell, as much as you can as fast as you can. Keep the supply going because the people can not live without their fix. Continue […]


#DaHellYouEating: Aspartame

What is aspartame? *does bird man rub*I am SO glad you asked!There are so many “little” ingredients that we don’t realize are linked to the degradation of our health. ​ Continue Reading


One Year Later: Why I became a vegan

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin​It’s actually been a little over a year since I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Meaning I no longer eat meat or anything that has come from an animal. Continue Reading

#DaHellYouEating: Natural Flavors

#DaHellYouEating: Natural Flavors

Hey you. What are you eating? And why are you eating it if you don’t know what it is?I think I will make this the first of, let’s call it, #DaHellYouEating series where we’re explore the many things we eat out of ignorance habit but in reality have no clue what it is.Yes I am going […]


Holiday Eating: Vegan Survival Tips

You know the drill. Don’t nobody wanna hear about why you’re not eating “normal” because they think you and what you’re doing are dumb. And besides just being crazy for eating the way you do, you are a disgrace to cultural tradition aka just down right bougie now.  Continue Reading


What Do You Know About The Meat You Eat?

I’m not here to bash meat because for majority of my life I’ve eaten it. It was only until I begin to question WHY I was eating it that my perspective changed. As with most things we do, we have no rhythm or reason for eating meat, we do it simply because that’s what we’ve […]


Breakfast: Why You Should Stop Eating It

Let me just make a disclaimer here. If you only believe what you’re told, only accept conventional “science” and mainstream media ideas and philosophies, or simply whatever your doctor says then this site will probably not be of much use to you. Now back to the title…Why you should stop eating breakfast? I already hear […]